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HUGE Winter Online Gun & Sportsman Auction
300 Guns; PLUS.. 10,000rds of ammo, Mounts, Mags, Scopes, Bows, Knives, Prints, & Many More Sporting Goods!!
Thursday, January 21, 2021 - 5:00 PM
9141 64th St NW, Annandale, MN

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300 Gun & Sporting Goods

Location: Lampi Auction Center,
 9141 64th St. NW, Annandale, MN 55302

Driving Directions: Lampi Auction Center is located on the corner of Hwy. 55
& Co. Rd. 6, 2 miles east of Annandale, MN on Hwy 55 or 35 miles west on
Hwy. 55 from the Intersection of I-494 & State Highway 55 in Minneapolis.

Online Only Auction Ending
THURS., JAN. 21, 2021
Starting at 5:00 p.m. CST

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: This Auction Features 300 Guns including M1 Garands / Carbines, Hunting Rifles, ARs, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Black Powders, Pellet Guns, & MORE!! PLUS.. Mounts, 10,000rds of ammo, Mags, Scopes, Bows, Knives, Prints, & Many More Sporting Goods!! Please view entire catalog, Quality items Throughout!
PREVIEW GUNS: Thurs., Jan 21: 10am-4pm
PREVIEW ALL OTHER ITEMS: Mon - Thurs: 9am-4pm

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Gamo Shadow Sport pellet gun with scope~1155
Chinese QB 88 .177 Air Rifle, with manual~1212
Crosman 1911BB .177 BB,CO2, double,unopened, NIB~1344
Sig Sauer M17 .177 pellet,CO2, semi-auto,unopened, NIB~1337
Xi Feng Chinese .177 Air Rifle with manual~1213
Guide Gear Boresighter scope alignment kit~1734
Colt Peacemaker SAA .177 pellet,CO2, single action revolver,test fired, LNIB, chrome~1338
USGI Ammo box, rocket launcher size~1694
50cal MG Browning center fire barrel~1461
Barska 15-40x50mm Colorado Spotting Scope~1395
Leopold VX/1 2-7x33mm scope~1308
Browning scope, bow sight scope, mounts, & vintage books~1484
Les Kouba 16x21 Darkhoue Action 16x21 picture 4691/500; Darkhouse Fire//artist proof & Darkhouse Spearing.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1789
Clam 120v 8" ice auger kit; powerhead, auger, battery, & battery charger - as new in box~1279
Lot of 3 WWII Third Reich Nazi daggers all reproductions~1031
Vintage Large Deluxe 48 Star U.S. Flag with pole~1032
Randal knife with 7" blade & sheath~1056
Cabelas carbine style black powder 54 caliber rifled muzzle loader.~1502
CVA Bobcat 50Cal Black powder, ~1016
Traditions Deer Stalker 50cal Black Powder~1194
CVA 45cal black powder rifle~1248
Remington 12 .22 pump Rifle~1202
Remington 11 Nylon .22LR or short bolt with mag & weaver scope~1454
Marlin 101 .22 single shot rifle~1170
Winchester 67 .22Short single shot rifle~1211
Savage Mark II F .22LR bolt rifle~1670
Marlin model 60 .22LR semi auto, like new~1296
Springfield Stevens 12ga single shot~1564
Remington model 11 12ga semi auto shotgun~1350
Ranger 101-2 20ga Bolt Shotgun~1208
H&R .410 single shot~1453
Browning BT99 12ga single shot Shotgun, vented ribbed barrel, ~1186
Winchester 97 12ga pump~1294
Winchester 97 12ga pump, poly choke~1402
EL Faisan Elgobar Cespana 12ga side by side, silver engraved receiver, wall hanger~1598
Antonio Zoli Silver 12ga over/under shotgun ~1204
Stevens 335 12ga side by side Shotgun ~1193
Iver Johnson 38S&W shot revolver revolver~1625
H&R 622 .22 Revolver with leather holster ~1184
H&R Safety Hammer Double action .38S&W revolver~1054
Ruger Single Six 22/ 22 long revolver, ~1026
Taurus Ultra Light Judge 45LC/410 Revolver ~1178
Lorcin L380 380Auto semi auto pistol with holster & box ~1182
Kel-Tec 380 .380 double action semi auto pistol with case & holster~1550
IZH 70 .380 semi auto pistol with mag~1297
Ithaca 1911 A1 .45 semi auto pistol, US Army~1048
Glock 43 9mm Semi-Auto, w/2 Mags~1492
British Enfield MK IV .303Brit bolt, 1942~1295
Circa 1870s Remington rolling block 3 band military configuration army rifle, approximately 45 caliber. Antique~1501
Eddystone M 1917 30-06 Bolt action, U.S. Miitary~1010
Eddystone US Model 1917 Bolt 30-06 Rifle~1756
Italian Vetterli 1875 bolt military rifle, missing parts, description per seller~1061
Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk3 .303 bolt rifle, 1948~1628
Military bolt action rifle, missing mag, marked 1942r~1382
Remington Model o3-a3 30-06 Bolt action, U.S. Miitary~1008
Springfield M1884 Trapdoor 45-70 Trap door, U.S. Miitary~1012
US Remington 03-A3 30-06 bolt~1067
Arasaka Type 99 Bolt 7.7mm? Rifle ~1753
Browning BAR 30-06 semi auto Rifle, scope mounts, sling ~1200
Browning Medallion .300Mag bolt, Left Handed with Cabelas 3-12x40 scope, less than a box of shells through~1488
Chiappa LA 322 .22LR lever, take down, new in box~1464
Chinese SKS 7.62X39 semi-auto w/bayonet, fiberglass factory stock, needs trigger group & gas piston - project gun~1796
Custom Smith & Wesson 1500 .223 bolt, Made at Wolf Den in Hugo, MN. Douglas Barrel. Shilhen trigger, solid 1500 tuned & trued action. excellent target or varmint gun will shoot 30MOA with any good bullet!~1544
Husqvarna 640 8x57 Mauser Bolt~1494
Japanese Arisaka WW2 army rifle, full mum. Appears to be 7.7 caliber.~1504
Japanese Arisaka, 7.7mm bolt Rifle ~1207
Mossberg Patriot 350Legend Super Bantam bolt rifle, 22" barrel~1042
Bannerman Model 1896 Pump 12ga shotgun, Spencer & Patent Antique~1754
Benelli Montefeltro High Pigeon Grade 12ga semi auto shotgun, fired less than 1 box of shells~1549
Beretta AL391 Urika 12ga semi auto Shotgun, vented ribbed barrel ~1192
Browning A5 Light Twelve 12ga semi auto Shotgun, Belgium made, vented ribbed barrel ~1210
Browning BPS 12ga pump, 2 3/4", 30" vented ribbed barrel~1399
Browning BPS 12ga pump, 3" Magnum, invector & chokes~1299
H&R Topper Model 88 20ga single shot, 3", modified choke~1381
Hopkins & Allen 12ga single shot Shotgun~1201
Ithaca model 37 16ga pump, 2 3/4", poly choke~1241
Marlin 44 20ga pump, 28" barrel~1596
Stag arms Multical AR lower ~1277
Stag Arms Multical AR Lower ~1278
Spikes Tactical AR -15 Complete Lower Multi Semi Auto,Includes Magpul MOE Butt Stock~1685
Windam Weaponry AR10 .308/7.62x51 semi auto rifle, model R18FSFST-308, 18" barrel, takes Magpul LR/SR Magazines. Comes with one factory mag and has a upgraded Raptor charging handle, new, never fired~1828
P-Tach Tach-10 .308Win Semi auto, Teflon receiver, battle sight, 3 mags~1799
AR-15 Complete Upper 300 AAC/ Blackout Semi Auto,16 inch barrel, flash hider, 45 degree flip up sights, magpul hand rest, 15 inch keymod hand guard with full length rail~1686
Palmetto PA-15 multi cal lower~1633
Ruger AR-556, 5.56 /223 AR-15 semi-auto, 30rd 3 mags; new in box ~1788
Mossberg Intl 715T .22LR semi auto rifle with Trijicon ACOG scope, unfired with box~1612
Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact 3 DOT sights .40 S&W Semi-Auto, 2-10 round Magazines New in package, (never fired).~1115
Big Bear IZH70 .380ACP semi auto pistol, with holster & extra mag~1181
Colt All American model 2000 double action 9mm semi auto pistol~1055
Colt Double Eagle First Edition ,45 semi auto pistol~1047
Colt 1911 conversion to .22 kit with original box~1057
Colt MK IV .45ACP semi auto pistol, God Bless America commemorative, 331/911, Never fired in box~1490
Colt Mustang Plus II .380 semi auto pistol~1049
FEG R61 9mm Short semi auto~1030
FMJ Model D 45/410 single shot, ~1025
Glock 17 Gen 4 9x19mm semi auto pistol with 3 mags~1375
ASM Colt 1851 36cal single action black powder revolver,cycles, indexes & works well, average condition~1342
Circa 1840's 6 shot pepperbox percussion 32 caliber pistol. Antique.~1507
Circa 1850's smooth bore approximately 60 caliber, 46 inch octagon to round barrel, muzzle loader. Antique~1506
Circa 1860's Enfield style 3 band military musket. Antique Approximately 60 caliber has a 1 inch crack near the muzzle.~1505
Eclipse Co 12ga Black Powder, exposed hammer, wall hanger~1198
Hunter 10ga Black Powder, hammer gun, wall hanger~1196
Italian FIE 45cal black powder rifle', exposed hammer~1247
Jamsen & Sons 12ga Black Powder, hammer gun, wall hanger~1199
Lymann Springfield replica 58 Cal Black powder, ~1017
IBM M1 Carbine .30 cal semi auto, U.S. Miitary~1005
Saginaw M1 Carbine .30 cal semi auto, U.S. Miitary~1004
Springfield armory M1 Garand .30calM1 semi auto, seller states good condition~1301
US M1 Carbine .30M1 semi auto with mag, Inland barrel, adjustable peep site~1060
Winchester M1 Garand .30-06 semi-auto, No Import marks. Includes a bayonet, sling & the old kind of ugly stock set. Barrel is a 1946 Springfield with a muzzle wear reading of 1 and throat erosion of 2.5. ~1215
Springfield M1898 Krag Jorgensen 30-40 Bolt action, U.S. Miitary~1013
Springfield M1903 30-06 Bolt action, U.S. Miitary~1009
US Springfield M1 Garand .30M1 Semi auto~1065
Springfield M1 Garand 30-06 semi auto, U.S. Miitary~1006
Springfield M1 Garand 30-06 semi auto, U.S. Miitary~1007
Marlin 336 30-30 lever, stainless steel, Simmons 3-9x40 scope~1548
Marlin M1893 38-55 Lever action, Diamond inlay, special smokeless powder octagon barrel~1011
Marlin model 1894CS 357Mag/38Sp lever rifle, sling~1244
Marlin Original Golden 39A .22 lever ~1553
Marlin XS7 30-06,bolt action,4x14x40 BSA AO scope, excellent shooter~1335
Remington 66 Nylon .22LR semi auto with sling~1455
Remington 700 SPS 308 Win Bolt, NIB~1495
Remington Woodsmaster 740 .308 semi-auto rifle w/Bushnell Sharpshooter 3x-9x waterproof scope & sling~1773
Remington Woodsmaster 742 30-06 semi auto Rifle w/sling ~1187
Rock Island Armory .22TCM bolt rifle with Bushnell 4x12 scope~1624
CZ Bob White 20ga, 3", Side by side ~1154
G.Heslop 12ga side by side shotgun with exposed hammers, stock needs some repair~1349
Ithaca 12ga side by side, shiny clean bores~1797
L.C. Smith Field 12ga side by side, Antique, wall hanger~1195
Legacy Pointer Youth .410 over/under shotgun, 26" BBL, 3" chamber, model PAR41026Y~1043
Mossberg Silver Reserve 12ga over/under, vented rib~1398
Springfield 511 12ga side by side Shotgun ~1190
Stevens 20ga side by side shotgun, good working condition, clean barrel, 27 3/4" bbl~1282
Browning Model Citori 12 Gauge over and under with two choke tubes, modified and improved cylinder, made in Japan~1692
Winchester model 12 12ga pump, 28" barrel with poly choke vented rib, full choke, seller states excellent shape~1300
Winchester Mod 12 16ga pump shotgun~1618
Chiappa SAA 1873 .17HMR revolver in box~1631
Colt "Colt 357" .357Mag revolver, Highest Line of Colt in the 50s in excellent condition, believed 1956 built. Seller states this is a deluxe version of the Trooper. It is offered with a special target wide hammer and larg target type grips. the sights are the same as Accro target model. It features a 4" or 6" barrel and a blued finish and was manufactured between 1953 and 1961. There were fewer than 15,000 produced~1546
Colt (1903) SAA - Bisley 32-20 revolver, with colt factory letter, barrel: 5 1/2", mfg 1903, restored, all blueing removed, action works good, all ser#s match, good grips~1281
Colt Courier .22LR 6shot revolver - rare~1051
Colt Police Positive .38special 6shot revolver, front site broke off, end of barrel cracked~1368
Colt Police Special D 32-20 revolver with holster~1168
Colt Single Action Frontier Scout 22 L.R. (Original box and paper)~1690
Colt Trooper .22LR revolver, rare, 4" barrel, mfg 1968, seller states rated at 85% in great shape, come with colt blue box~1173
Colt Trooper .38 Special 6shot revolver~1053
Colt Trooper MKIII .22Mag revolver, mfg 1979, like new in box, sleeve in rough shape~1174
Anderson AM-15 multical lower in box~1632
Anderson Mfg, AR15, 5.56 Nato/223 semi-auto; with 10 rd mag & scope ~1752
Browning M1919 A4 side plate #88604 and 1919 trigger & spring~1316
Bushmaster CM15 ORC with Red Dot 223 Semi-Auto, New in package (never fired)~1114
Colt SP1 .223 semi auto rifle~1041
Radical Arms 458 50Com AR15 complete upper, 16" barrel, tank style muzzle break~1103
Ruger AR 556 5.56Nato aemi auto rifle, SKU08500 - new in box~1044
High Point M995 9mm semi auto, detachable magazine~1003
Dixon 1919 Browning semi auto side plate, registered~1160

Smith and Wesson Model 1500 7 mm Bolt action rifle, made in Japan. Bushnell waterproof scope, model Sportview 3x €“ 9x~1691
Springfield Armory US Rifle M14, 7.62mm 308 cal; M1A w/Leapers 3x9 scope; Fiberglass hand guard-Military w/sling, l20 rd & 10 rd mags; M14 Bipod, Leather cheek piece, extra parts for scope mount & hand gun case ~1751
Taurus model C38 357Magnum pump rifle, case color frame, shot a few times~1585
Taurus model C45Colt pump rifle, few nicks in stock, shot a few times~1586
Thompson Center Contender with Custom 20" Bulberry .223 barrel, EBco 17Mach 4(17 Fireball) 23" barrel, both barrels stainless and threaded stainless contender frame. Custom Bulberry high grade walnut stock. Nikon 6 1/2 x 20 lighted scope, 17Mach IV reloading dies~1563
Thompson Center Encore 15" barrel, blue 17HMR caliber with scope base~1565
Tula Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54R bolt, all matching numbers, even the bayonet. Leather ammo pouch and double spout oiler included. Good rifling and bore. made in 1937~1566
Turkish Mauser 8mm bolt rifle, 1939~1629
Westernfield model 31 22LR bolt tube feed~1245
Winchester 1917 30-06 bolt rifle~1171
Winchester 255 .22WinMag lever~1452
Remington 11 12ga semi auto shotgun, solid ribbed barrel, poly choke~1209
Remington 1100 12 gauge semi auto shotgun, 3 inch Mag. 30 inch barrel full choke ventilated rib~1693
Remington 1100 12ga semi auto shotgun, 3" mag~1169
Remington 1100 Magnum 12ga Semi-Auto, 3" Mag 30" VR Barrel~1500
Remington 1100 Magnum 20ga semi auto, 3", Full choke~1451
Stevens 820B 12ga pump shotgun~1203
Stevens 9478 10ga single shot shotgun, up to 3 1/2"~1073
Riohland Arms 12ga single shot, vented ribbed barrel, engraved, Italian~1400
Remington SP-10 12ga semi auto shotgun~1615
Winchester model 1200 12ga 2 3/4" pump, ~1246
DWM WWI German Luger 9mm semi auto, ~1022
DWM WWI German Luger 9mm semi auto, Dated 1916~1024
Erma Werke model NP69 .22 semi auto pistol, made in Germany~1293
Erma LA22 22 semi auto, Made in Germany~1019
FEG Pa-63 9mm Short semi auto, 1 extra magazine~1027
FEG Pa-63 9X18 Mak semi auto, ~1029
Colt Combat Elite .45 semi auto pistol, rare~1045
Colt .22sh derringer set with presentation box~1570
Colt 1903 .25 semi auto pistol with Maker leather holster~1378
Glock 36 .45Auto semi auto pistol with 2 mags & case~1377
CVA Colt 1851 36cal single action black powder revolver,cycles, indexes & works well, excellent condition~1343
Machine Made 12ga Black Powder, wall hanger~1197
Nitro Hammerless blackpowder, wall hanger~1205
Pietta Colt Army 1860 Replica 44 Cal Revolver, Black powder~1018
US 1832 dated musket marked V Forge by WL Evans, approximately 70 caliber. Shortened for use on horseback. Antique~1503
WH Fitch 12ga side by side~1569
Mosin Nagant Hungarian M44 7.62x54R bolt rifle with bayonet & red dot scope~1627
Mosin Nagant M44 7.62x54R bolt, sport stock with Bushnell scope & threaded barrel~1626
Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R bolt rifle, 1935 with manual, cleaning kit, sling, magazine, pouches~1630
Ruger 10/22 Eagle .22LR semi auto, 1 mag, new in box~1467
Ruger 10/22 Tiger .22LR semi auto, 1 mag, new in box~1466
Ruger M77 7mm Rem Mag Bolt, Redfield 3x9 Scope~1498
Savage 110DL Series K 30-06 bolt rifle, Left Handed~1584
Savage 99C .308Win lever rifle with scope mounts, very little use~1393
Ruger model M77 Hawkeye 30-06 bolt action, never fired with box~1552
Remington .270bolt bolt with Weaver KV fold down scope & sling ~1072
Remington 66 Nylon .22LR semi auto with weaver scope~1456
Remington 760 30-06 pump Rifle~1189
Remington model 700 Sendero SF II 7mm Rem Mag bolt rifle, 26" fluted barrel, synthetic stock, never fired in box~1555
Mossberg & Sons 173 .410 single shot, 3", scrapes on barrel, scrapes on stock, good bore, smooth action, very accurate~1567
Mossberg 500 youth Crown Grade Bantum 20ga pump shotgun combo with 22" VR barrel & 24" rifled slug barrel, TruGlo scope, only had 7 rounds thru~1059
Mossberg 835 12ga pump, 2 3/4, 3. 3 1/2", BSA red dot scope, 28" vented ribbed ported barrel~1353
Mossberg M500A 12 GA Pump, Ducks Unlimited 10/30 on receiver~1015
New England Arms Pardner 20ga Pump Shotgun, synthetic ~1188
Remington 11-48 12ga semi auto shotgun, 2 3/4"~1068
Remington 11-87 Premier 12ga semi auto shotgun, 3", vented ribbed barrel~1554
Remington 870 Mag 12ga pump shotgun~1616
Remington 870 TAC 14 12 Gauge Pump,Includes Streamlight TLR 8 Tactical Flashlight in box with manuals~1684
Remington 887 Nitro Mag 12ga pump, 3 1/2"~1605
Smith & Wesson 686-1 .357Mag revolver, stainless, with leather Galco holster~1374
Colt Trooper MKV .357mag revolver, 6" barrel, blue, mfg 1983, seller states rated at 95% with Colt blue box & owners manual~1175
H. Schmidt Ostheim Herter's 22LR revolver Single action, with black holster~1113
RG RG-31 .32S&W Long 6 shot revolver~1370
Colt Detective Special .38 special 6 shot revolver, fitz conversion, rare military~1050
Colt Official Police .38 6shot revolver~1052
Luger WWII German Luger 9mm semi auto, WWII German military~1020
Mauser HSC 9mm semi auto pistol~1179
Ruger SR9c 9mm Semi-Auto, w/ 9rd & 17rd Mag/Box~1493
Smith & Wesson M&P 9 9mm semi auto pistol with holster & extra mag~1372
Mauser M98 257 Roberts Bolt, 3x9 Scope~1499
Mauser M98 6mm Rem Bolt, 2.5x7 Scope~1496
Mauser Ovideo 1931 7mm? bolt~1075
Mauser Ovideo 1932 7mm? bolt~1066
Mossberg Int'l 802 Plinkster .22LR bolt, Weaver 22-! Scope~1380
Ruger 10/22 .22LR semi auto, 50yr anniversary, camo, matching scope, 1 mag, new in box~1465
Savage M487T 22 semi auto, with Springfield 4x15 scope~1001
Winchester 94AE 30-30 lever, Audie Murphy Commemorative, 143/250, as new~1491
Winchester 1906 .22 pump~1794
Winchester model 1906 .22 Short pump~1568
Winchester model 88 .308 lever, extra mag, with fold down scope~1071
Browning Invector BPS Special Field 12ga pump, vented rib, 28" barrel, improved modified invector choke~1597
JC Higgins model 20 12ga pump shotgun~1242
Remington model 31 12ga pump shotgun, 2 3/4", adjustable choke~1070
Remington Sportsman 58 12 GA auto, ~1014
Smith & Wesson 3000 12ga semi auto shotgun, Bushnell Banner scope~1191
Stevens 94B 16ga single shot shotgun~1206
Winchester Mod 12 16ga pump shotgun~1617
Winchester model 12 12ga pump, 2 3/4"~1243
Winchester model 12 12ga pump, full choke, 2 3/4", poly choke~1401
Winchester model 50 12ga semi auto shotgun, 2 3/4"~1063
Phoenix Model HP22A .22 semi uato pistol, DLX Rangemaster kit, 2 BBLs, accessories, case, 2 mags-new~1793
Norinco 213 9x19mm semi auto pistol ~1177
Phoenix Arms HP22 .22 LR semi auto pistol with box ~1183
Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 LR semi auto pistol, pink with case ~1176
Sig Sauer P320 9mm Semi Auto,Mounted in a Sig LIMA 5 grip module with integral Red laser. Includes Original grip module, 2 double stack magazines.~1687
Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield 9mm semi auto pistol, pink~1371
Springfield Armory Long Slide Match .45 semi auto, stainless~1545
Taurus Curve .380 semi auto pistol, intigrated light & laser, 2-6rd mags, case, & manual~1352
Walther Q5 Match 9MM Semi-Auto, New in package (never fired)~1116
Springfield XD9 9mm semi auto pistol, sub compact, 2 mags, & case~1551
Springfield XDM-45 .45ACP semi auto pistol, match with extra mag & holster~1376
D-Technik SA VZ61 .32ACP semi auto pistol with 3 mags & case with accessories~1800
Marlin 81DL .22 rim fire bolt, peep sites, sling~1547
Marlin M30AS 30-30 Lever action, micro groove with Tasco 4x32 scope~1002
Mauser M98 7x57 Mauser Bolt, Tasco 3x9 Scope~1497
Winchester Model 94 30-30 Lever action rifle~1689
Coast to Coast Arrowhead .22 rifle, parts gun, no bolt~1162
Mauser Ovideo 1924 7mm? bolt, missing trigger~1074
Remington 742 30-06 rifle - parts gun~1164
Russian M91/30 7.62x54 rifle, missing bolt~1163
Smith & Wesson model 3906 9mm Parabellum semi auto pistol~1373
Forehand Arms .32S&W revolver~1167
CRUCERO .38cal revolver, rough~1062
Eibar 1924 Spanish .38sp revolver, needs work~1064
Big Bear IZH70 .380ACP semi auto pistol~1180
CAI Canik 55 9mm semi auto pistol with laser & extra mag~1369
Colt Gold Cup MK IV Series 80 .45 semi auto pistol~1046
Czech CZ53 7.62x25 semi auto pistol, 3 mags, holster, cleaning rod~1298
Erfurt WWI German Luger 9mm semi auto, Dated 1916~1023
Erma KGP69 22 semi auto, ~1021
FEG Pa-63 9mm Short semi auto, ~1028
Glock 19 9x19mm semi auto pistol, NO MAG~1379
Browning Challenger .22LR, missing springs, does not shoot~1292
Winchester 840 12ga single shot, 2 3/4" & 3", missing butt plate~1069
Barnett Ghost 400 crossbow with Cross 3x32 scope with case, arrows & quiver - SHARP.. **Oversize shipping box fees will apply.**~1348
Hoyt ZR200 Left Handed compound bow, rip cord rest, lighted sight.. **Oversize shipping box fees will apply.**~1489
Alpine Micro right handed compound bow with arrows, broadheads, complete set **Oversize shipping box fees will apply.**~1587
Typhoon XT-X Bow, Draw 35-50, draw length 30 string 37 % left off 65, serial 1160.. **Oversize shipping box fees will apply.**~1594
Martin Black Panther bow & case, Right handed, with arrows~1683
American Archery Panther compound bow with soft case & release, 29-31" draw length, 45-60 lbs.. **Oversize shipping box fees will apply.**~1748
Mckinley string length 35 50# adjustable range 45-70, 65% left.. **Oversize shipping box fees will apply.**~1595
Apple archery bow press.. PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1643
Misc arrows, small tackle box with broadheads, bow sting and parts~1715
500 rounds Remington Thunderbolt .22LR~1145
325 rounds Federal target grade performance 40GR .22LR~1146
500rds .22LR Blazer Ammo~1315
500rds .22LR Blazer Ammo~1314
1110rd Winchester .22LR 36gr~1766
10 boxes of .22 Short Black powder blanks (530 rounds total)~1324
666rds Winchester .22LR 36gr 1280fps HP~1460
100 rounds Federal Champion 22LR 40GR can cooler combo~1141
100 rounds Federal Champion 22LR 40GR can cooler combo~1140
500 Rds Winchester Xpert 22 .22RF HP~1764
700 Rds; 500 rds Rem .22LR & 200rds Winchester Super X~1765
100 rounds Federal Champion 22LR 40GR can cooler combo~1142
1575rds Federal .22LR 36 HP~1638
325rds Federal .22LR~1675
800rds CCI CB .22LONG~1287
350 rounds Remington UMC centerfire range bucket 9MM Luger 115GR FMJ~1133
300 rounds Remington UMC centerfire range bucket 380 auto 95GR FMJ~1134
1400rds Remington Golden Bullet .22LR 36gr HP~1637
1400rds Remington Golden Bullet .22LR 36gr HP~1636
600rds CCI .22LR 36gr~1414
600rds CCI .22LR 40gr~1415
650rds Federal .22LR Auto Match~1416
1000rds Remington .22LR 40gr Thunderbolt~1413
1000rds CCI .22LR 40gr~1411
650rds Federal .22LR~1802
1000rds CCI .22LR 40gr~1410
1050rds Federal .22LR~1803
1050rds Federal .22LR~1804
1000rds Winchester .22LR 40gr~1412
50 rds 22 TCM~1727
400rds Winchester 22 Mag Win 30gr~1409
400rds Winchester 17 HMR 20gr~1408
135rds CCI .17HMR 17gr ammo~1634
20rds 6.8Spc~1100
400rds FNH 5.7x28 Hornady 40gr V-Max~1423
600rds Winchester 5.56 55gr 3180fps FMJ~8626
450 rds Winchester 5.56 62gr steel core~1785
200rds Winchester 5.56 55gr FMJ~1260
200rds Winchester 5.56 55gr FMJ~1259
200rds Winchester 5.56 55gr FMJ~1258
200rds Winchester 5.56 55gr FMJ~1257
300 rds Frontier 5.56 Nato FMJ 55 gr~1786
150rds 5.56 62gr~1672
100rds .223/5.56~1097
1000 rounds Federal ammunition American Eagle 223 55GR metal case~1132
300 rounds American Eagle 223 55GR FMJ~1139
660rds American Eagle 223 55gr FMJ~1425
100rds PMC .32Auto 71gr FMJ~1801
100rds including; 50 Hornady Critical Defense .380Auto 90gr FTX & 50 Aguila .380 HP~1562
150rds Winchester .380Auto 95gr FMJ~1561
32rds .32 Rim fire~1326
Remington 32S&W collectible box with 5rds and brass~1172
50 Win, 25 Horady & 4 Old Western .25 auto~1662
200rds .38S&W 146gr~1290
150rds American Eagle 380 auto 95gr~1424
100rds Fiocchi 32 wad cutter, 100gr~1156
100rds Remington UMC 380Auto 95gr~1457
100rds Fiocchi .380 Auto 95gr FMJ~1268
100rds Fiocchi 380 Auto 90gr JHP~1269
200rds American Eagle .38 Special, 130 grn FMJ~1217
50 Rds Federal 38 Super +P 115gr~1394
71rds .38sp~1671
218rds Monark .38Special Match 148gr~1159
200rds .38special 130gr, 150gr~1158
2- Boxes .38 plastic cartridges~1083
20rds Winchester Black Talon .357, collector ammo, hard to find~1286
270 rds 380 auto~1723
150rds Geco .357 magnum, 158 grn FMJ~1216
100rds Blazer Brass .357Mag 158gr JHP~1459
150rds Winchester 9mm 115gr FMJ AND 50rds Remington 357Mag 158gr Semi Wadcutter~1583
148rds .357 reloads, 158gr~1289
200 Rds 375 Mag, 158 GR~1721
250rds Winchester 9mm ammo~1589
400 rds 9 mm Lager~1722
150rds American Eagle 38 special 130gr FMJ~1419
150rds 9mm ammo~1166
50rds 9mm~1099
50rds MFS 9mm Luger 24gr AND 11rds Federal 30-06 180gr~1358
80 rounds of 9mm ammo~1302
100rds Remington 9mm~1673
200 Gr Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ~1787
200rds Foicchi 9mm 115gr FMJ~1439
40rds Winchester RA9SXN 9mm Luger 147gr SXT~1148
40rds Winchester RA9SXN 9mm Luger 147gr SXT~1149
40rds Winchester RA9SXN 9mm Luger 147gr SXT~1165
40rds Winchester RA9SXN 9mm Luger 147gr SXT~1150
40rds Winchester RA9SXN 9mm Luger 147gr SXT~1147
200rds Fiocchi 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ~1270
Misc ammo; 89rds 9mm; 46rds 10mm, 10rds .45, 35rds 44Rem Mag~1812
200rds Remington 9mm 115gr FMJ~1441
80 rds 40 S&W~1726
279 rds 40 S&W 180gr & 165gr~1777
100rds Winchester 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ~1602
250rds Remington 9mm 115gr FMJ~1417
250rds Remington 9mm 115gr FMJ~1418
250rds Remington Range 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ~1599
200rds Browning & Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ~1440
200 rounds Sig Sauer elite performance 9MM 115GR FMJ~1135
100rds Blazer Brass 40S&W 165gr FMJ~1458
200rds Remington 40 S&W 180gr MC~1421
150rds Remington 40 S&W 180gr MC~1420
100rds Federal .40 165gr & 180gr~1834
250 rounds Remington UMC centerfire 40 S&W 180GR metal case~1137
250 rounds Remington UMC centerfire 40 S&W 180GR metal case~1144
650 rounds Remington UMC centerfire 40 S&W 180GR metal case~1138
150rds Blazer 10mm Auto 200gr FMJ~8624
500 rounds Hornady 10MM .400� 155GR XTP~1136
50rds Buffalo Arms Co. .44Colt Ultramax 250gr cowboy load~1291
100rds American Eagle 44 Rem Mag 240gr~1152
150rds Blazer 45 ACP 230gr FMJ~1422
100rds Fiocchi 45 auto FMJ, 230gr~1265
100rds Federal 45 Auto 230gr FMJ~1271
100rds Sig .45Auto 230 gr~1264
200rds Blazer 45Auto 230gr FMJ~1601
200rds Blazer 45Auto 230gr FMJ~1600
Assorted 45ACP ammo including WWI ammo AND 50rds Olin Military 45ACP 230gr ball (60s era)~1580
100rds .45ACP~1095
100rds Fiocchi 45 auto FMJ, 230gr~1266
500rds Winchester 45 Auto FMJ 230gr~1263
50rds Federal 45LC 225gr Semi wadcutter HP AND 50rds Independence 45ACP 230gr ball~1582
50rds 38-40 Black Hills 180gr FPL~1284
51rds .45LC and 57 brass~1323
139rds .45Colt~1157
Sealed battle pack; 200rds DAG (German) 7.62x51 NATO, 1995 NATO head stamped,~1253
Sealed battle pack; 200rds DAG (German) 7.62x51 NATO, 1995 NATO head stamped,~1219
Sealed battle pack; 200rds DAG (German) 7.62x51 NATO, 1995 NATO head stamped,~1254
440 rds7.62x54~1717
500rds 7.62x39 ammo~1588
22 BOXES (330rds) plus 55 on stripper clips 46gr Czech 7.62x54R~1641
96rds HXP (Greek) .30-06, 2 bandoliers of 1972 M1 ammo on 8rds clips~1218
32 rds 7.62x54 AND 18 rds 7x57~1746
Misc Vintage ammo, 2 belts of linked 7.62x51 blanks, 30-06 blanks on clips for M1903~1579
Flat of misc ammo~1680
30cal brass in stripper clips & approx 100rds 30cal, 30M1 carbine~1078
90rds, 100 brass of .30M1 carbine on stripper clips~1079
65 rds 8mm FMJ with belt, 4 rds soft pt 8x57~1718
20rds 30-06 blanks & .38 shells~1333
32 Winchester Center fire~1330
12 - 45-70, 40 - .45, 8 - .38 black powder blanks~1325
Assorment of Collectible ammo (please see picture)~1329
12rds 38-55~1332
25 rds 7.62x54 soft point~1750
230rds 30-06~1303
Box full of 30-06 blanks, some on stripper clips~1151
285rds 7.62x25~1306
50rds .351 SL~1677
285rds 7.62x25~1305
20rds 7.62x54R, 18rds 7mm-08, 7rds 30-06~1825
40rds Winchester 45-70 Govt 300gr Jacketed HP~1433
20rds Hornady 450Marlin 325gr FTX~1521
20rds Hornady 450Marlin 325gr FTX~1522
20rds Hornady 375Ruger 300gr DGX~1523
20rds Hornady 375Ruger 300gr DGX~1524
38rds .38Sp Super Police, 33rds 38-40 winchester~1084
50rds 32-20 115gr round nose flat point, Cowboy action, lead~1283
60rds 45-70 Govt Rem 300gr, Fed 300gr & PMC 405gr~1434
73 rds 308 Win 150 grn~1731
20rds Remington 35 Whelen 250gr~1430
80rds Hornady 35 Whelen 200gr SP~1432
80rds Fusion 35 Whelen 200gr~1431
200rds 7mm Mauser ammo~1590
110rds 7mm~1086
26rds Winchester 7mm Rem Mag 150gr & Brass~1778
40rds Remington 7mm Rem Mag 150gr Core-lokt~1559
31rds 300Win Mag~1096
23rds .338 Win Mag, 9rds 338 Rem Ultra mag~1320
65 rds 300 Win Mag, 150-180gr SP~1745
78rds 30-06 ammo including 40rds AP~1581
80rds Remington 30-06 150gr~1435
80rds Remington 30-06 150gr~1436
60rds Remington 30-06 150gr~1437
40rds 30-06~1098
40rds Remington 30-06 180gr~1438
40rds Remington 30-06 sprg 150gr Core-Lokt~1560
39rds .308Win~1088
59rds .308, 150gr~1321
60rds .30Luger 93gr FMJ~1334
20rds Winchester 300Blk 125gr~1705
55rds 300 AAC Reloads~1713
47 rds British 303 (31 FMJ & 16 SP)~1720
100 rds 270 Win 130 grn~1724
50rds 25-20 Remington 85gr SP~1285
37rds 30-30Win~1087
23rds 30-30Win 150gr~1366
76rds 30-30~1094
60rds 30-30~1846
60rds Win, Fed & Hornady 270 130gr~1428
100rds Win, Rem & Hornady 243 100gr~1426
50 rds 25-06 Rem 117 grn~1729
18 rds & 16 Brass 260 Win mag~1730
60rds .270Win~1085
60rds Remington & Hornady 257 Roberts 117gr~1427
Mix ammo; 35rds 30-40Krag, 10rds 250Savage, 18rds 30-06 blanks~1592
55rds .243~1322
59 rds 22-250 Rem 55 grn~1728
120 rds 22-250 Rem 50 grn~1725
60rds Hornady 22-250 50gr~1445
60rds Winchester & Remington 22-250 55gr~1443
60rds Winchester 22-250 55gr~1442
60rds Hornady 22-250 50gr~1444
108rds .222~1331
.222 & 7mm brass~1101
50rds .221 Fireball~1528
20rds Hornady .222Remington 50gr~1364
100rds Winchester 410 9 shot, 2 1/2"~1429
13rds 12ga slugs~1288
40rds Federal Tungsten-Iron 20ga 3" 1375fps 4 and 2 shot~1355
20ga ammo including; 10rds Hevi-Shot 2 3/4" 1300fps 6shot; 30rds Hevi-Shot 1300fps 4 shot; & 21rds 3" Bismuth Alloy 5shot~1354
100rds Winchester 20ga 7 1/2 shot 2 3/4"~1365
Full No. 6 20ga box ammo plus approx 75rds loose 20ga~1815
15rds 10ga, 75rds 12ga, including 50rds 3"Mag #2 & BB~1816
250rds Winchester 12ga 3" steel, 1 1/4 oz 1 shot~1261
250rds Federal steel 12ga, 3" 1 1/8oz 2 shot~1262
Approx 100rds 12ga, including 19 slugs & collectible boxes~1811
75rds Federal 16ga 2 3/4" steel 1300fps~1359
241rds Federal 12ga steel 2shot 3" 1550fps~1360
20rds Nitro Turkey~1676
Appx 60 Rounds 12 gauge 3.5 inch shot shells, reloads; LWRC AR-15 Butt Stock~1697
30 rds Hornady 12ga 2 3/4" 300gr SST slug~1267
2 boxes, 50 rds 3.5 inch 12 gauge shotshells factory Remington~1700
2 boxes, 49 rds 3.5 inch 12 gauge shotshells factory Remington~1698
50rds 12ga 3" 2shot Black cloud~1089
25rds Federal 12ga 3 1/2" 3 shot 1500fps~1357
75rds 20ga, 35rds 16ga, 69rds .410~1311
90rds 12ga, Mostly Federal 3" 2shot~1356
75rds 3" steel shot #3 - 39rds Misc 2 3/4" steel shot~1304
140rds 12ga 2 3/4" steel shot, 15 slugs~1310
7mm, 243, 300sav, & 30cal brass~1077
34rds .32S&W; 15rds Federal buckshot~1674
tote of misc 12ga shotgun shells, some full and some half~1716
Misc 12ga, 16ga, .22, some collectibel boxes~1090
African Impala (Aepyceros melampus) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1120
North American Elk (Cervus canadensis) shoulder mount. Excellent condition!~1123
African Eland (Taurotragus oryx) shoulder mount. Very large, excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1118
African Gemsbok (Oryx gazella) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1117
African Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1121
African Hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1122
White-tailed Deer shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1127
White-tailed Deer shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1128
North American Elk (Cervus canadensis) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1125
African Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus steprepsiceros) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1119
North American Elk (Cervus canadensis) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1124
North American Elk (Cervus canadensis) shoulder mount. Excellent condition! **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1126
Black Bear pelt 65" X 57" Great condition!~1129
Full sized African Zebra pelt 130" X 63" Great condition!~1130
Coyote pelt Professionally tanned. Great condition!~1131
Portable fish house (Amish built black canvas).. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1280
Frabill Speed Shack Cub 2 person fish house.. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1614
Eskimo 10" ice auger w/Tecumseh engine; currently drained but ran previously.. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1774
Strikemaster Electra 8" ice auger with cable to connect to 12 Volt battery, **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1780
Strikemaster Mag 2000 8" gas ice auger, 2 HP, **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1781
Coleman 5000 heater, coleman lantern~1807
Double fish house door, 68x52 with key.. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1249
Fish Cat II float rube with tray, kick fins and foot operated air pump. Holds air in very good condition~1347
52x52" ground blind.. PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1646
Pulsar Generator, 2000 peak watts, 1400 rated; new in unopened box~1775
Commercial Glass 18gun lighted gun lockable gun cabinet.. PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1406
Commercial Glass 18gun lighted gun lockable gun cabinet.. PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1405
60" cycle country ATV plow with lift handle~1251
Insulated doghouse, 48"L x 33"W x 33"H.. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1606
Sunflower heater with 2 LP tanks & diesel can*No Shipping Available on this lot**~1806
25gal ATV sprayer & Backpack sprayer~1848
Kimar blank gun, fork broke, needs work~1319
Colt .177 (4.5mm) pellet pistol~1384
Hk UsP 6mm BB pistol~1383
CMC black powder percussion pistol~1385
Daisy 188 BB,single pump repeater,missing safety button~1339
Tanfollio Witness 1911 BB,CO2, double,works well, excellent condition~1345
Industry Brand XS-S2 .177pellet,single shot, break barrel,new breech seal, works well~1340
Crosman 1377 .177 pellet/BB,single shot, multi pump,works well~1341
Crosman 2240 .22 pellet,CO2,single shot,test fired, LNIB~1336
CVA Kentucky .45cal rifle kit, 440round ball with scope mount~1805
Crosman 2100 Classic .177 pelllet/BB,multi pumper,test fired, LNIB~1346
Gamo BIG CAT 1200 .177 Air Rifle,With Scope~1688
Benjamin Franklin BB air gun, brass~1468
Orion flare gun & Greatland hunting hand gun case~1386
Crossman .177 Pellet BB gun; Daisy BB Gun, Pioneer BB Gun~1783
Swiss army knives, etc~1107
Misc pocket & filet knives~1111
Filet & skinning knives~1110
2 Browning Pheasants forever knives~1108
4 - Multi tools~1106
Pheasants Forever filet and other knives~1109
Stag fixed blade hunting knife w/sheath~1768
4 Vintage Pocket Knives~1448
Colt, Remington, Misc belt buckles~1578
MN DU Sponsor 8" fixed blade knife with sheath~1363
7 misc knives~1679
Bushnell Sportview 4x32 scope~1798
(2 Lasers) AT3 Tactical LEOS Optic Rail mount Red dot sight with integral laser; BSA Tactical Laser with integral rail mount~1714
Nikon Prostaff 6x21 7.5" range finder~1104
Colt 3x20 scope for SP1 AR15~1058
EOTech Holographic Sight, 552-A65~1837
Weaver & JC Higgins scopes with boxes~1487
3 - Bushnell scopes, 2 tasco scopes, shell holder~1312
2 - Powder flasks~1473
36 M1 Garand clips, 14 stripper clips~1307
136 .308 links~1327
92 30-06 links~1328
Browning A5 invector choke 30" 2 3/4" barrel~1318
Winchester 40 30" full choke barrel~1161
Remington 870 Express Pump 12ga Shotgun~1755
Colt 12ga improved cylinder barrel~1317
Jing An Ph12-1 12ga over/under 29 1/2" barrel~1593
Misc antique double barrels & stock~1351
2 - Gun stocks~1486
Misc barrels, stock, & Cover for M8 spare barrel~1076
Misc rifle & shotgun stocks~1543
Gun cleaning kit, misc gun stocks; SKS, M44, Rem 870~1747
Misc gun parts~1462
AR15 - 22 50rd Drum Mags~1220
AR15 - 22 50rd Drum Mags~1221
AR15 - 22 50rd Drum Mags~1222
AR15 - 22 50rd Drum Mags~1223
AK47 SB-47 stabilizing brace~1224
AK47 SB-47 stabilizing brace~1225
AK47 SB-47 stabilizing brace~1226
AK47 SB-47 stabilizing brace~1227
SBA4 AR-15 Pistol Brace~1711
New Magpul UBR Gen 2 Stock, Black~1835
AR Stoner AR15 Barrel, 10 inch long 300 AACN/A~1702
AR Stoner AR15 Barrel, 7 inch long 300 AACN/A~1701
American tactical folding stock - new~1233
CZ holster~1228
Law Tactical AR-15 Folder Hinge system for AR-15 folding stock, Includes BCG Extension and Wrench~1704
2 Ruger pistol grips, Black Hawk GP100~1666
US Holster fits STW Victory~1767
Kel-Tec SU16-920 compact forend - new~1234
Kel-Tec SU16-920 compact forend - new~1235
Kel-Tec SU16-920 compact forend - new~1236
2-Kel-Tec SU16-901 Slings - new~1238
2-Kel-Tec SU16-901 Slings - new~1237
Herters Elk Call, Weaver scope mounts, misc paperwork~1091
3- Brown leather holsters~1516
6 - Antique and military rifle slings~1397
M1 cleaning rod~1112
3 - Leather holsters~1471
New Hunter rifle slings & Boyt strap~1474
Leather holsters, belts, puches~1469
2 - US military gun cases, 37"L~1470
Misc handgun casses, holster, pouches, etc~1518
Holsters (some new), stocks, Iniclips, & More~1463
Bushnell bore sighter, JG Mundy bore scope~1475
Leather shooting belt holster~1472
VLTOR AR-15 Handgaurd 10.75 inch long300 AAC, includes Barrel nut and wrench AND Flash hider~1703
Paddle holster, hogue grips for King Cobra, Houge Grips for Ruger auto, youth Winchester model 94 stock & forearm~1313
2 - 30, 1-10rd M1 mags with 2 mag pouches~1081
2 - Taurus 24/7 .40 15rd mags~1231
2 - Taurus 24-7 .45ACP 12rd mags~1230
Springfield XDS 45 7rd mag~1102
(2) AR-15 10 Rd Mags .223~1757
2 Original Stripper clips for Remington Mod 8 or 81, marked 25.30.32 with 10 rds 30 Rem~1733
CZ 75 9mm 19rd mag~1232
2 - EAA Witness 40S&W mags~1229
High Standard .22 mag~1105
Glock 40cal Mag, Model 23~1274
2-30rd Ram line 10/22 .22LR Mags~1275
(2) Magpul AR-15 20 round Magazines Gen 3, 5.56 caliber~1708
(2) Magpul AR-15 20 round Magazines Gen 3, 5.56 caliber~1706
PRI 6.8mm 25rd Mag, new~1272
Scherer .45 28rd Mag, (Glock 45)~1273
2-30rd 10/22 .22LR mags (Ram-Line & Shooters Ridge)~1276
2 Mags - Magpul (1) AR-15 30 Round Magazine 5.56 Caliber AND Magpul (1) AR-15 20 round Magazine 5.56 caliber . Straight~1707
H&K USP 45 10rd mag~1635
3 - 9mm 32rd magazines with military pouch~1517
3-30rd Pro Mag AK-47 7.62x39 AK-A1 Mag Black - New~1740
3 - 30rd Pro Mag AK-47 7.62x39 AK-A1 Mag Black - New~1741
3-30rd Pro Mag AK-47 7.62x39 AK-A1 Mag Black - New~1742
5 - AR-15 .223/5.56 30rd mags~1639
Pro-Mag Ruger 50rd Drum .22LR 10/22 Mag new~1784
Pro Mag AR-15 .223/5.56 65rd drum mag - new~1508
2 - Magazines; 1-PMag25 LR/SR .308/7.62x51 window mag; 1-Pmag20 LR/SR .308/7.62x51 mag~1829
3 Original Maypull 30rd 5.56 Black PMag w/dust covers - new'~1791
4 - Wasser Romanian AK-47 10rd single stack mags~1823
3 - 30rd AK-47 AK-A4 7.62X39 Mags- new, smoke~1790
3 - 30rd AK-47 AK-A4 7.62X39 Mags- new, smoke~1744
3 - 30rd AK-47 AK-A4 7.62X39 Mags- new, smoke~1743
5 - AR-15 .223/5.56 30rd mags~1640
2 - Mini 14 Mags, 1-20rd, 1-30rd~1820
3 - Mini 14 30rd mags~1822
Peters, Herters, Redfield, Lyman collectible boxes~1080
Apple Air pods - works~1391
GunVault mini vault biometric GVB1000 like new!~1143
Pro Master Pro-5000 8500 BTU LP fish house heater.. **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1250
Old wood ammo bow/16 vintage ammo boxes, empty~1309
FishTV 7 Underwater viewing system, unknown cond~1387
Vexilar FL8SLT flasher, works~1613
SkyPoint Force 10, 10MP game camera~1396
Parrot Minidrones Rolling Spider drone~1388
Microwave heated seat cushion-never used~1407
Electric Meat Grinder Pro, heavy duty motor, 3 plates - works, excellent condition~1367
9 new decoy strap weights 4 of which are Gremlin. 6 other strap weights are vintage. Decoy cord. 2 game carriers. small knife multi tool with case. small pocket knife with case~1362
Vintage Outdoors Silicone Gun & reel cloth No. 420 in original tin box AND Mag-Lite ML300L-S3106 LED flashlight - works~1361
Singray Hydrofoil Stabilzer fin; in unopened package~1776
Military modular sleeping bag set with compression bag~1836
Fish TV7 viewer, needs new battery~1667
Underwater fish camera~1604
Vexilar FL20, untested, needs battery~1603
Springfield Gear XD Range bag , Tipton Gun vise~1696
12x8 dome tent~1609
3 - Trail Cams~1749
Otters Varminfer rifle rest - unused~1792
Bag of deer stand steps~1682
Insulated Boot Blanket~1771
3 Ice Fishing rods (Berkley spinning combo, Pflueger spinning reel / South Bend rod, panfish rod)~1449
Flat of about 90 Ice Fishing Panfish Jigs and Spoons~1450
Group af 20+ fishing lures (Rapala, Storm, cordell, etc~1608
Flat of 12 antique reels (J.A. Coxe, Ocean City, South Bend, Montague, Pennell, Langley, Portage, Pritzlaff, Abbey & Imbrie, etc.)~1446
Flat of antique lures (Creek Chub, Heddon, Shakespeare, J.C. Higgin, etc.)~1447
2 Gun cases~1607
2 soft gun cases~1611
2 - 54" gun cases~1619
Gun case, Heavy duty water proof double gun case.. Oversize shipping box rates will apply~1695
2 - New plano cases & 2 other hard plastic cases~1510
Empty gun cases; S&W 61, RG 66 (with cylinder), & S&W 357~1509
4 gun cases, 1 soft~1512
3 - Misc hard gun cases~1511
5 New gun sleeves~1513
5 New gun sleeves~1514
5 New gun sleeves~1515
Cabelas gun cleaning bench kit~1645
3 Life Jackets, including one small~1649
Moultrie game camera, Box of Ear Plugs & arrows~1847
12- Blake & Lamb 1 1/2 long spring stop loss traps~1644
5-Victor #220 Conibear traps~1153
10'x10' portable canopy in bag~1653
Camp Fold up chairs & 2 bundles camo burlap~1782
30x28" portable homemade tree stand, Seat, Tree harness - New~1647
4 padded 5gal pail covers~1652
Fragmentation Ballistic vest, woodland camo, WW II M6 Tank Periscope, WWI Grenade Bandolier, M1923 cartridge belt, Vietnam Era Helmet~1575
3 Turkey decoys with stakes~1648
15 - Sillosocks snow geese decoys~1827
Whitetail prints; 2008 & 2009 prints of the year by Storm & Fisher.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1623
Large framed print The Harvest Season by Jim Hansel 817/4980.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1039
Large framed print The Pleasure of Winter by Terry Redlin 18448/24500.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1040
Large framed print Startled Ringnecks by David A. Mass 631/1200.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1038
WWII Framed Dog Fight over the Russells Autographed numbered 364 of 1000~1035
In Shelter small framed Les Kouba Print.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1037
Superior National Forest by Ken Zylla, signed, 64/2500~1404
Large wooden fish decoy~1622
Morning Tranquility by Les Kouba, signed, #1319/2500~1403
Sole Survivor WWII Autographed with picture of pilot signing Artist proofed~1036
Blue Angels 1982 Large framed autographed photo~1033
Blue Angels 1988 Large framed autographed photo~1034
2 Wooden Ammo Boxes, 1 old , 1 new~1654
Wooden Western Xpert ammo crate~1769
2 - Whitetail prints by Jim Hansel.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1621
Unbroken Spirit "Elk" by Gene Gasser~1620
Dart board~1610
3 Herters reloader dies 44 mag, 30-06, 300 SAV~1659
2 - RCBS reloading dies; 7mm Rem Mag & 30-06sprg~1557
2 BCBS reloading dies, 30-30 new, 44 Auto Mag~1660
3 sets reloading dies, Lyman 45/70 Gov RCBS, 25/20 WCF, RCBS 38 Spec~1735
2 - Lee Reloading dies; 45ACP/45AUTO & 357Mag~1538
2 - Lee Reloading dies; 45ACP/45AUTO & 9mm~1537
100 Hornady 45cal muzzleloading encapsulated balls~1558
200 Herters Jacketed 6.5mm (.263) 100gr bullets~1534
200 Hornady 7mm 175gr (.284 spire) bullets~1532
60 Barnes 480Ruger (.475) 275gr XPB bullets~1529
250rds Berry 40cal (.401) 180gr flat point bullets~1527
65rds 38sp AND 7.62 x 51mm blanks~1530
250rds Berry 40cal (.401) 180gr flat point bullets~1526
200 Herters 270cal (.277) 130gr bullets~1533
200 Herters 270cal (.277) 150gr round nose bullets~1536
200 Herters Jacketed 6.5mm (.263) 100gr bullets~1535
200 Hornady 270cal 150gr bullets~1531
1000 CC1 400 small rifle primers, 1000 Rem 7 1/2 small rifle primers~1658
300 38cal .400 bullets~1591
700 Remington small pistol primers~1772
Win 1000 Small Rifle Primers~1655
1000 Large rifle Winchester primers~1831
2000 Win small pistol primers~1656
3000 Large Rifle Primers~1732
1000 Federal Shotshell Primers~1657
Bullseye & red dot powder, primers, 243, 30cal bullets - Shipping not available on this lot~1082
Mec E-Z Prime 650 tool & 600 shotshell primers~1819
1500+ Factory 9mm/38 Sp bullets~1813
200 41cal HP .410" bullets~1817
2 Boxes of .495dia, 2 Boxes .490dia bullets~1818
Lyman Ideal Powder Measurer, Redding powder & Bullet scale~1093
CH Precision reloading tool and self ejecting bullet swaging tool~1092
20rds Hornady 375Ruger 300gr DGX~1525
RCBS Powder scale; Appx 100 300 AAC once fired brass, mixed brands ; Hornady 300 AAC Loading dies with shell holder~1699
Black powder, primers, bullets, etc.. **PICKUP ONLY, no Shipping available**~1520
Horady Ultrasonic clener w/2 bottles solution~1669
3 - 16oz American Hunter gun powder - NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE~1239
2 - 16oz American Hunter gun powder - NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE~1240
Lyman reloader, Lee 30-06 die, misc brass~1810
1 3/4 bags of No. 6 lead shot~1809
Misc Brass, 12ga ammo mag~1779
3 bottles of Froglube gun cleaning supplies - mostly full~1833
Large flat Misc gun related~1738
Misc scope rings & gun parts~1485
Herters reloading parts & Lee Bullet Mold Dia .530 224gr Round ball~1576
Pacific shotshell reloader~1808
Redding Scale & Herters Powder Charger~1661
Redding T6 Reloading Press, RCBC Little Dandy Powder Throw w/4 Barrels #5, 7, 8, 11~1663
RCBS various powder measurers~1665
Lee Load All 20, 16, & 12ga presses (rebuilt)~1577
2 - Herters Super model 81 Reloading Presses.. PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1573
Herters Reloading Presses; Super Model 3 & Super Model U-3 Super (with box).. PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1572
Reloading Brass; 223 Remington 220 rds; Winchester range pkups~1761
Reloading Brass; 9mm Luger 1000+ rds - Federal Cartridge, Winchester, & mixed brands; range pkups~1759
Reloading Brass, 380 auto 340 rds; mixed brands, range pkups~1762
Reload Brass; 40 S&W 650 rds; Federal Cartridge, some nickel plated, range pkups~1760
Reloading Brass; 40 S&W 1000 rds, Federal Cartridge, range pkups~1758
100 41Rem Mag W-W super & 100 44Russ Starline brass~1539
Reloading Brass, 30-06 135 rds; Winchester, range pkups~1763
200 38sp used brass, nickle plated~1540
100 Remington 30-06 unprimed case~1556
300 Winchester 9x23 unprimed shell cases (100 per bag)~1541
200 .380Auto midway brass~1542
Empty brass; 45 Colt, 454 Casull, 460 S&W, 38 spl, 357 mag, .243~1719
290 Nickle plated 5.56/.223 nickle plated brass casings, never resized, mixed head stamps~1832
125 .45 bullets; Full box of 357; 25 - 30-30; 100-38cal bullets~1814
413 once fired, mixed head stamp .308 brass casings, most wet tumbled, but never resized~1830
Flat of Brass 38 Super, 9x21, 6.5x284, 30-06, 300 Win mag, 300 WSM, 38 Spec, 22 TCM, 280 Rem~1736
390 Hornady, Speer, & Nosler 30cal bullets, 220gr, 165gr, Some ballistic tip~1838
265 Total Hornady Bullets including 1 box 7mm .284, Box of .338 200gr, box of .458 300gr~1839
IMR 4895 powder with 200 primers..Shipping not available on this lot~1840
IMR 4895 powder with 200 primers..Shipping not available on this lot~1841
IMR 4895 powder with 200 primers..Shipping not available on this lot~1842
IMR 4895 powder with 200 primers..Shipping not available on this lot~1843
1600 Remington Large Rifle primers & 200 Federal Small rifle primers~1844
Large Assortment of Brass including; 30-06, 300WinMag/7mm Rem Mag, 270, 243~1845
Lee Decapper Tool~1849
Approx 250 hulls, 12&20ga, plus wads, Funnel, Power can (with a little powder), & more**NO Shipping Available on this lot*~1821
Empty Brass; approx 110 44Rem Mag, and 150 44Sp~1826
Coleman Lantern & Case~1668
Coleman Lantern & Stove~1770
2 - Blackpowder pistol kit guns~1574
Gun Digest & other gun books~1476
Civil War & firearm books~1477
Dixy Gun Works books & other firearm books~1478
Muzzleloader & Black powder books~1479
Machine gun books & other firearm books~1480
Colt, Winchester, & Remington books~1481
6 - Small arms & gun books~1482
Gunsmithing books~1483
3 Duck decoys~1795
2 - Zero Gravity lawn chairs..PICKUP ONLY.. no shipping available on this lot.~1642
3 sets of Cross Country skis and 2 pr of cross country ski boots.. No Shipping available on this lot..~1650
Chase pads, Sleeping pads~1651
2 Spinning gun racks~1681






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