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Munroe Exhibits and Graphics Business Retirement
Over 800 Items!
Thursday, January 28, 2021 - 6:00 PM
202 N Green Bay Rd, Neenah, WI

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Date: Tuesday, January 26th

Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Address: 202 N Green Bay Rd, Neenah, WI 54956


2005 Ford E350 XLT Super Duty Van VIN: 1FRNE31L45HA92955 - Has Title
Fork Lift (W)
Blower/ Mower (OUT)
(3) Pallet Racking (W)
(4) Pallet Racking (W)
3D Printer (BO)
LG  Advertising Display Monitor (R)
Thermal Temperature Reading System (BO)
Metal Detector (W)
Laminating Machine (WS)
(1) Pallet Racking (W)
(1) Pallet Racking (W)
(2) Pallet Racking (W)
Neolt Electro Power Trim Plus #250(WS)
X-Acto Elite Cutter (WS)
Extended Range Ionizing Air Blower (WS)
Vintage L.F. Deardorff and Sons. INC Camera
Vintage Ilex Optical Co. Camera (W)
Vintage Eastman Home Portrait Camera (W)
Vintage Artifex 16 Movie Reel Camera (W)
Vintage Kodascope Eight-33 Projector (W)
Vintage Carena Zoomex Camera (W)
(2) Vintage Polaroid Cameras (W)
Vintage Actus Box Camera - Vintage Brownie Flash Six-20 (W)
(5) Vintage Pocket Cameras (W)
(2) Vintage Folding Cameras (W)
(2) Vintage Film Cameras (W)
(5) Vintage Pocket Cameras and More (W)
(3) Vintage Box Cameras (W)
Eastman Kodak Co. Folding Box Camera (W)
Vintage Pocket Kodak Camera (W)
Vintage Folding Autographic Brownie Camera (W)
(3) Vintage Lenses (W)
(3) Vintage Lenses (W)
Vintage Kodak Autographic Folding Camera (W)
Vintage Retouching Machine (W)
Vintage Zenza Bronica SQ Camera(W)
(4) Various Leather Camera and Accessories Bags (W)
Kodak Polaroid Camera (W)
(2) Vintage Pocket/Box Cameras (W)
Vintage Polaroid Prontor-SVS Camera (W)
Bell and Howell Film O Camera (W)
Vintage Polaroid Land Camera (W)
(2) Vintage Lenses and Leather Cases (W)
3-Face Electric Display and Standing Display(E)
Retro Round Side Table (R)
(2) Manfrotto Tripods (R)
(3) Household Steamers (R)
Locking Table Display (R)
Popup Display With Hard rolling Case (R)
Large Flower Picture (R)
(2) Hanging Ceiling Lights (R)
High Top Table (R)
(3) Local Photos (R)
(3) Local Photos (R)
Office Electronics (R)
Ingerco Card Reader (R)
Rolling Cabinet and Contents (R)
Business Phone System (R)
Front Reception Desk and Filing Cabinet (R)
Rawhide Wooden Football (R)
Vintage Neenah Memorabilia (R)
Includes Various Advertisements and Power Strips (R)
Misc. Office Supplies (O1)
(5) 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets (O1)
(3) 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets (O1)
Display Stand With Aluminum Display (R)
(2) Banner Displays (R)
Trade Show Booth Display With Canvas Wrap Around (R)
Banner Displays (R)
(2) Advertising Displays (R)
Heater and Surge Protector (R)
(2) Advertising Displays (R)
Nimlock Display Case With Complete Set Up (R)
Nimlock Bench With Slotted Board (R)
Standing Monitor Mount (R)
Monitor Mounting Brace (R)
Various Fabric Display With Lighted Display (R)
Adjustable Monitor Display (R)
Plastic Shelving (R)
(2) Blank Banner Displays (R)
Aluminum Side Rail (R)
Table Top Banner Display (R)
(2) Large Wisconsin Photo (R)
(3) Extension Cords and Plastic Organizer (R)
Display Stands (S1)
(2) Plastic Display Cases (S1)
Monitor Display (S1)
(5) Display Board Cases (S1)
(3) Empty Trade Show Cases (S1)
(5) Display Board Cases (S1)
(2) Nimlock Trade Show Case (S1)
Custom Modern Ceiling Light (R)
(3) Round Carrying Cases (S1)
(4) Cloth Carrying Cases (S1)
Large Trunk (S1)
(2) Plastic Carrying Cases (S1)
Large Locking and Rolling Trunk (s1)
(4) Plastic Trade Show Cases (S1)
Foam Flooring (S1)
(2) Plastic Carrying Cases (S1)
Plastic Carrying Trunk (S1)
(4) Plastic Rolling Trade show Cases (S1)
(3) Rolling Trade Show Cases (S1)
(3) Plastic Display Case (S1)
(3) Plastic Display Case (S1)
Plastic Display Case (S1)
(3) Plastic Display Cases (S1)
(3) Plastic Display Cases (S1)
Foam Board and Plexi Glass (S1)
Plastic Rolling Trunk (S1)
Plastic Rolling Trunk (S1)
Vintage Photo Copier (S1)
Adjustable Standing Spot Light (S1)
Adjustable Standing Spot Light (S1)
Pedestal Table (S1)
Display Booth (S1)
Nimlock Plastic Carrying Case (S1)
Advertising Popup (S1)
Retractable Banner Displays (S2)
(3) Aluminum Display Sample Pieces (S2)
Unused Coyote  Frame (S2)
Contents of Shelf (S2)
Metal Shelf (S2)
Plastic Advising Trade Show Display Cases (S2)
(2) Plastic Advising Trade Show Display Cases (S2)
Contents of Shelves (S2)
Metal Shelf (S2)
Metal Shelf (S2)
All Aluminum Contents of Top Shelf (S2)
(2) Metal Braces and (2) Wooden Pieces (S2)
(3) Trade Show Banner Displays (S2)
Aluminum Display Pieces (S2)
Metal Shelf (S2)
(2) Sample Card Displays (s2)
Large Lot of Various Display Pieces (S2)
Conference Table (CR)
HP Computer  and Accessories (CR)
Mac Computer and Misc. Computer Accessories (CR)
(6) Fabric Boards (CR)
(3) Micca Digital Media Player (CR)
(3) Micca Digital Media Player (CR)
Vintage Standard Viewer (CR)
Book Shelf - Table and More (CR)
(3) Display Overhead Lights (CR)
Computer and Monitor (CR)
Ironing Board-Coat Rack and More (GR)
Vintage Desk or Vanity (GR)
Mirror and Lights (GR)
(2) Mirrors
Approx. (10) Frames and Pictures
Jiffy Steamer
Frame Display Board and More
Desk and Chair
Book Shelf
(4) Filing Cabinets
Flat Heater and More
Picture-Chair and Empty Case
(3) Pictures
Picture-Mirror-Paper Towel Dispenser (B)
(3) Empty Cases (S1)
(4) Framed Pictures (B)
Misc. Household (B)
(2) Handrails (B)
Wall Hanging Cabinet (B)
Paper Towel and Soap Dispenser (B)
Mirror and Light (B)
Upper Cabinet-Lower Cabinet and Countertop (K)
(2) Hamilton Beach Crock Pots (K)
Misc. Household Items (K)
Hotpoint Refrigerator (K)
Frigidaire Refrigerator (K)
Frigidaire Self Cleaning Oven (K)
Sharp Carousel Microwave (K)
Top and Bottom Cabinets (K)
Misc. Kitchen Supplies (K)
Frigidaire Dish Washer (K)
Kitchen and Cooking Supplies (K)
Table and (6) Folding Chairs (K)
Keurig Coffee Maker (K)
Liberty Classics Collectible Car (K)
Liberty Classics Collectible Car (K)
(2) Garbage Cans and Napkin Dispensers (K)
Pizza Picture (K)
Office Supplies (BO)
HP Pavilion Computer With Sony Monitor (BO)
Dymo Label Maker (BO)
Cash Drawer and Organizers (BO)
Brother Printer (BO)
Office Supplies (BO)
Office Organizers (BO)
Office Supplies (BO)
Office Supplies (BO)
Office Organizers (BO)
Office Organizers (BO)
Mounted Electric Stapler (BO)


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