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Bar and Restaurant Equipment COMPLETE LIQUIDATION!
Walk in Cooler and Freezer, Industrial Vents, Commercial Ovens, Commercial Fridge, Fryers, 124-foot Bar, Ceramic Plates and Bowls, Silverware, Mugs, Glasses, Large Assortment of Dishes, Multiple Tables, Chairs, Bar & More
Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 6:00 PM
204 Wolf River Run, Fremont, WI

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Channel Cats Bar and Restaurant Equipment Liquidation

Open House December 10th, 10:00 to 3:00
204 Wolf River Run
Fremont, WI 54940

OVER 500 Total Items
Commercial Oil Fryer
Commercial Gas Oven Unit
Deep Fryer With Baskets
Commercial Fridge
Commercial Electric Oven
Bottle Holder
Ice Bin and Sink
Ice Bin and Rail
Stainless Steel Sink
Bar Sink and Rails
Hussmann Walk in Cooler and Freezer
Industrial Vent
Metal Desk and Chairs
Commercial Gas Oven-Stove- Griddle
Commercial Fridge
Sink- Towel and Soap Dispenser
Grill and Fridge/Storage Table
Plate Warming Covers
Contents of Drawer
Fridge Storage Cabinet
Food Processor Attachments
Shelf and Misc. Items
Plastic Pallet and Misc. Items
Plastic Tote and Mics. Items
Refrigeration Unit
Aluminum Trays
4 Tier Shelf
Stainless Steel Prep Pans
Large Prep/Chafing Pans
Prep/Chafing Pans
Frying Pans
Stainless Steel Bowls
Soup Pots- Stainless Steel
Soda Machine Drain Covers
Misc. Colanders
Plastic Banquet Table
Frying Pans and Pots
Prep/Chafing Pans
Spacers for Buffet
Prep/Chafing Pans
Bar Condiment Holder and Containers
Stainless Steel Containers
Plastic Measuring Containers
Portion Cups and Platters
Misc. Bar Items
(19) Pails and Covers
Complete Commercial Dishwasher Set-up
Aluminum Trays
Commercial Sieve and Pans
Aluminum Trays
Commercial Smoker and Vent Piping
Commercial Oil Fryer
Gas Grill
Gas Range- Oven and Griddle
Upper/Lower Commercial Oven
Commercial Oven
True Refrigerator
Sink and More
True Refrigerator/ Prep Table
(2) Food Bag Sealers
Warming Drawer
Prep Table and Warming Lights
Metal Salad Bar Containers
Serving Trays
Plastic Prep Containers
Commercial Table and Can Opener
Triple Shelf
Ramekin Dishes
Oval Platters
Heating Prep Table With Compartments
Shelf and Cleaners
Gas Air Oven and Venting
Commercial Coffee Brewer
Wall Shelf
Stainless Steel Table With Extras
Hand Wash Sink and More
Bud Light Clock
Refrigerated Prep Table
Shelf Unit
(5) Garbage Cans
Industrial Cooler
Bar Sink and Ice Bin
Ice Bin With Rails
Menu Holders
Plastic Water Pitchers
Plates and Plate Holder Cart
Salad Bar and Sneeze Guard
Metal Shelf on Wheels
Serving Bowls
Salad Bowls
Misc. Bowls
Misc. Bowls and Plates
Pewter Salad Plates
(18) Trays
Metal Shelf on Wheels
Oval Platters
Round Dinner Plates
Oval Dinner Plates
Metal Shelf on Wheels
Large Shakers
Small Shakers
2 Buckets of Silverware
Silverware Caddy and Silverware
(5) Buckets- Silverware Caddy- More
Metal Shelf on Wheels
Paint and Trays
Garbage Cans- Vacuums
(2) Chalkboards
Dry Erase Board
(2) Tables
Point of Sale System
Shure Microphone Set
Point of Sale Items and More
Point of Sale System
Video/ TV Monitoring Equipment- Cords and Cabinet
(3) Urinals
Diamond Plate and Frames
(3) Sinks- Faucets- Countertop
(2) Solid Wood Doors
Ceiling Tiles
Misc. Items
(3) Sinks- Faucets- Countertop
(3) Toilets
(2) Toilets
Wastebaskets and More
Bathroom Sanitary Dispensers
Bathroom Partitions and Fan
Exit Sign- Lights- More
Garbage Can- More
Extinguisher and Metal Box
Emergency Lights
Bathroom Partitions and Fan
Corner Cabinets and Countertop
Tile and Tiling Supplies
(3) Patio Umbrellas
Restaurant Tray Holders
Metal Shelf on Wheels
Potable Baby Changer
Restaurant Tray Holders
Ceramic Dinner Plates
Large Chalkboard in Wood Box
Oval Serving Bowls
Oval Plates/Platters
Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Plates/Platters
Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Platters
Trays and Large Bowls
Desk and Chair
Glass Salad Plates
Shelf and Paging System
Coffee Cups
Condiment/ Dressing Holders
Condiment Holders and Bowls
Ceramic Serving Bowls and Other Ceramic Dishes
Milk Crate
3 Drawer File Cabinet
4 Drawer File Cabinet
ATM and Cart
Laundry Bag Holders
(2) Tables and 1 Chair
(1) Table- (1) Chair and (1) Table Top
(12) Air Filters
Mirrors and Lanterns
Red Candle Holders
Soap/ Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
Hand Towel Dispensers
Toilet Tissue Dispensers
Coffee Urns
Coffee Urns and Creamer
Ceramic Soup Bowls
(6) Bar Mats
Bar Items
Blender and Fan
Metal Bar Sign
Sign Letters and Numbers
Plastic Ceiling Grid
Neon Bar Sign
(3) Signs
Bar Cooler Shelves

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