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Large Coin Auction
Exceptional Coin Auction
Saturday, January 23, 2021 - 9:00 AM
900 3rd Ave BARC Library, Windom, MN
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We are planning on the auction Sat.  Hoping snow stays away!  If we cancel we will update at 7 am!! 


This is the auction that was postponed from Nov 14.

Great coins!   

Mint sets, Commemoratives, Silver Eagles, Large Cents, Flying Eagle Cents,Some Currancy

Indian Head - Lincoln Cents

Two Cent Pieces, Three Cent Pieces

Shield - Liberty Head - Buffalo - Jefferson Nickels

Half Dimes, 1820 Lg O Capped Bust Dime 

Seated Liberty - Roosevelt Dimes

Washington - Statehood  Quarters

Franklin Half Dollars

Morgan - Eisenhower - SBA - Sacagewea - Native American - Pres. Dollars


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