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Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 6:00 PM
23732 570th Street, Plainview, MN

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AUCTIONEER'S NOTE:  Dave was an avid collector of farm toys.  Nearly 450 items from his collection will be sold at this online-only auction.  Most are 1/16 scale and many are new in the box, with 99% of items having boxes. A good variety of makes and models, including Tru-Scale and Just Like Dad's.  

OPEN HOUSE & PICKUP LOCATION:  Steve's Tractor Shed, 23732 570th St., Plainview, MN.  From Plainview - 1 mile NE on Hwy 42 - 2 miles N on Co Rd 4 - 1/2 mile E on 570th St

OPEN HOUSE DATE:  Saturday, Feb. 9, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon or by appointment.

BIDDING:  Go to to register and bid.  13.5% buyer's premium on all items with a 3.5% discount if paying by cash or check. 
Bidding ends on Tuesday, Feb.19 with lots starting to close at 6:00 p.m.

PICKUP:  Wednesday, February 20, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Oliver  995 Lugmatic w/utility loader

IH Farmall 544 Gas NF w/gear transmission

Farmall 300 Gas WF

Case IH 1256 Wheatland

IH Farmall 350 Gas NF

IH Farmall 544 Hydro Gas w/#31 Mower

Case IH Farmall 560 Demonstrator w/Gold 5-bottom Plow

Massey Harris MH50 w/plow attachment

Case 830

Farmall 560 Cub w/One Arm Loader

1960 B-Model Mack Moving Trailer

Farmall 706 tractor w/heat houser

IH Cub Lo-Boy Tractor

IH Industrial Farmall 340 gas tractor

IH Farmall 300 gas tractor w/#251 McCormick Planter

Siku Eurobuilt Fendt tractor

Case Centennial two bottom plow

Oliver 1800 Tractor w/New Idea Loader

IH Farmall 544 Hydro Diesel WF Gold Demonstrator

IH 350 Utility Tractor

Elvis Presley International 300U

Case "D" Highly Detailed Gas WF Tractor

Case IH Farmall 706 Tractor w/Plow

Oliver 66, 77, & 88 Row Crop Tractors

Tru-Scale Model Tractor Spreader

Tru-Scale "Rocket" Auger Elevator

Tru-Scale End Loader

Tru-Scale Wheel Carried Disc Harrow

The Carter Tru-Scale Grain Drill

Tru-Scale Toy Tractor

Tru-Scale Mounted Corn Picker

Tru-Scale 416 Mower

Tru-Scale Forage Harvester

IH Steel Hay Rake

IH Radio Control Tractor & Function Control Unit

IH Farmall 300 Gas Tractor w/311 Moldboard Plow

Case 2590 Tractor - Blueprint Replica

IH W400 LP-Gas Tractor

IH Farmall 350 LP-Gas NF Tractor

Farmall M-TA

Farmall 350 Tractor

IH 682 Cub Cadet Lawn & Garden Tractor

IH Cub w/one bottom plow

Case Highly Detailed DC-3 Gas Tractor

David Brown Case 1690 Tractor

Case 2290 Tractor

IH Limited Edition 1957 Chevy Cameo Pickup

IH TD-24 Diesel Crawler w/cable control Bullgrader

IH Disc

Case Corn Picker

 IH Mini-Tractor

MF 1130 Tractor

McCormick Farmall 350 Tractor

Case IH 300 B-Series Tractor

IH 450 Farmall Gas Tractor

Oliver 1750 Gas NF Tractor

Oliver 1950 Diesel Tractor

MF 98 Tractor w/GM Diesel & Cab

IH Plow

9542 Forage Harvester

Farmall Cub White Demonstrator

McCormick 3-bottom Tractor Plow

IH 450 Style Farmall Cub Tractor w/Disc Plow

MH No. 26 Grain Drill - Just Like Dad's

MM G-1355 Diesel Tractor w/Wheatland Front End

IH AM/FM Radio w/Headset

IH Farmall 300 LP Gas Tractor

IH Farm Set w/Tractor, Implements & Animals

Case IH 4994 Battery Operated Tractor

Tru-Scale 420 Tractor Spreader

Tru-Scale L-407 Loader

Tru-Scale Tandem Disc Harrow

Tru-Scale Portable Elevator

Tru-Scale Model Plow

MM 1200 Shellmaster

IH Farmall 300

International Farmall 856

IH 82 Pull-Type Combine

Oliver Super 77 w/#82 Mower

MH Colt Tractor

IH Farmall 560 Style Cub Tractor w/One Row Cultivator

Massey-Ferguson 135

Massey Harris 101 NF

Massey Harris 50 Gas NF Tractor

IH Farmall 300 LP-Gas WF Tractor

MF 98 Tractor w/GM Diesel & Loader

IH Farmall 544 Gas NF Tractor

MM Model 400 Planter

Aero Windmill Model 12-B

Case 1370 Tractor

MF 50 Gas NF Tractor

Red Tractor - Model Super C

Red Tractor - Model 200

Red Tractor - Model 230

 McCormick 2-bottom Moldboard Plow

IH Farmall Tractor

McCormick Disk Harrow

IH W400 Gas WF Tractor

Case IH 1938 Farmall M Tractor

IH 1456 Turbo Tractor

Cockshutt 660 Gas Tractor

IH Farmall 450 Gas Tractor w/455 Cultivator

Farmall 504 Tractor w/468 Cultivator

IH W450 LP-Gas Tractor

Country Classics Case IH 606 Tractor

Case 730 Tractor

Case IH Farmall 560 Tractor

IH 1948 Farmall Cub Tractor w/Model 174 Planter

MF 670 Tractor w/Cab

Country Classics Sheppard SD-4 Diesel

IH Farmall 400 w/Electrall

Case IH 460 Utility Tractor

MH Colt NF Tractor

MH Colt WF Tractor

Case DC-3 NF Gas Tractor w/Loader

AC D15 w/Sprayer Attachment

Case IH 1026 Wheatland Tractor

Case IH 1206 Wheatland Tractor

Massey-Ferguson 98 GM Diesel Tractor

IH Farmall 350 Diesel Tractor w/Platform

IH 1964 Cub Square Hood Tractor w/Blade & Chains

IH Farmall Cub Tractor w/Snow Blade & Chains

Case Agri King 1070 Tractor

IH Farmall 400 Tractor w/33A Loader

IH 340 Diesel Utility Tractor

IH 300 Tractor w/Sprayer

IH McCormick Farmall 460 Tractor w/Blade

Case IH CHX620 Self Propelled Forage Harvester

IH McCormick Farmall 450 Gas Tractor w/33A Loader

Cockshutt 1950-T Tractor

Oliver Cockshutt 60 Tractor

Oliver 77 LP-Gas Tractor

MM Model U Tractor w/"CQ" 2-row Cultivator

Case IH 1570 Tractor

Oliver 1850 Diesel WF Tractor

Oliver Row Crop 77 LP-Gas Tractor

Cockshutt "77" Row Crop Tractor

Case No. 1 Steam Engine

IH Farmall 350 Tractor w/IH McCormick #33 Loader

IH Farmall 340 w/33A Loader

Case "L" Tractor

Case IH 350U Tractor w/Loader

Cockshutt "88" Row Crop Tractor

MF 65 Tractor w/Loader

Farmall 400 Gas NF Tractor

Case IH 1206 International Wheatland Tractor

AC D-15 Gas NF Tractor

IH W450 Diesel WF Tractor w/Electrall

Farmall 450 Tractor w/Standard Hitch

MM 4 Star LP-Gas Tractor

Farmall 504 Diesel NF Tractor

IH Farmall 544 Gas NF Tractor w/Loader

IH 340 Utility Tractor w/IH Model 251 Planter

Graham-Bradley 1938 Standard Tractor

Graham-Bradley 1937 General Purpose Tractor

Case IH 21206 Industrial Tractor w/FWA

IH 450 Pulling Tractor

IH Farmall 350 Gas Tractor w/255 Cultivator

IH 450 Farmall Tractor

MF 65 Tractor w/No. 62 Plow

MM U Tractor & "CQ" 2-Row Cultivator

Farmall 1206 Turbo Tractor

IH Farmall W400D Tractor

Case IH 300 Utility Tractor

McCormick Farmall 230 Tractor

IH Farmall 400 Diesel WF Tractor

MF 98 GM Diesel Tractor

Case IH 21256 Industrial Tractor w/FWA

Oliver 880 Twin Engine Industrial Tractor

International Tractor/Loader/Backhoe

IH Farmall 300 w/Loader

IH Farmall 400 WF Gas Tractor w/Mower

Case IH International 1456 "Wheatland" Tractor

IH Farmall 400 LP-Gas NF Tractor

IH Farmall W450D Diesel WF Tractor

Case IH 1175 Tractor

MH 50 Gas NF Tractor w/Headlights

IH Farmall 544 Hydro Gas WF Tractor

Case IH International M Industrial Tractor

Cockshutt 770 NF Tractor

Farmall 544 Hydro Diesel WF Gold Demonstrator

IH Farmall 544 Hydro Gas WF Tractor

Case IH Farmall 1206 Tractor

Case IH Farmall 806 Tractor

IH Farmall 400 Gas Tractor w/Platform & Milk Cans

Case IH International Farmall 1466 Tractor

IH Farmall 450 LP-Gas Tractor

Oliver Cockshutt 550 Tractor

Case IH International 460U Industrial Tractor

Case IH International 666 Hydro Tractor

IH Farmall 450 Gas Single Front Tractor

IH Farmall 350 Gas Tractor

IH Farmall 504 Gas Tractor w/Clam Shell Fenders

Case IH Farmall 806 Diesel Tractor

Oliver 77 Orchard Tractor

Case DC-3 WF Gas Tractor

IH Farmall 504 Gas Tractor

Oliver 770 Gas Tractor

MH 50 Gas WF Tractor

AC Monarch "35" Crawler Tractor

AC D-15 Gas Tractor

MM U Tractor

IH Farmall 350 High Crop Tractor

International Farmall 656 Gold Demonstrator

AC D-14 w/Loader & Snap Coupler

AC 6070 Tractor w/Loader

Case IH Farmall 656 Tractor

Allis-Chalmers D15 w/4-row Cultivator

IH Farmall 350 Gas Tractor

White Cockshutt 1555

IH Farmall 544 Hydrostatic Gold Demonstrator 

Oliver 1555 Series II

Case D Gas Tractor

Yoder's Case 700 Dual Shift Diesel Tractor

IH Farmall 504 Gas Tractor

Massey Harris 33

JD 7020 Diesel  Tractor - Vintage 1 4WD Series

Oliver Super 88 Hi-Crop LP Gas Tractor

Oliver 660 NF Tractor

MH 101 Tractor

AC D14 WF Tractor

Oliver Super 99 w/GM Diesel Tractor

IH Farmall 450 Gas NF Tractor

Sheppard Diesel SD-3 WF Tractor

IH Farmall 340 Diesel Tractor 

MM 4 Star Super Gas WF Tractor

JD 1915 Model "R" Waterloo Boy

Farmall 1456 Tractor

Farmall 706 Tractor

IH McCormick Farmall 400 Diesel

IH Farmall 340 Gas Tractor

MH-Ferguson "Work-Bull"

Farmall H w/Farmer

IH Farmall 706 Tractor w/Heat Houser

AC Model "60" All-Crop Harvester 

MM Model V

AC 7045 Tractor

Oliver Super 44 Collector Model

JD Model "L" Tractor

AC High Crop D19 - Series 4 Number 3

Ford 9N - Chrome Plated Hood

McCormick Farmall "130" Tractor

IH Farmall 1206 Turbo Diesel WF Tractor

MF 270 WF Tractor

IH Farmall 706 WF Diesel Tractor

International 1456 Turbo Tractor

Pumpkin Patch #B1 Collectible Bears w/JD 320

McCormick-Deering Farmall "AV" WF Tractor

NH Ford 621 Workmaster WF Tractor

Case 1170 Black Knight

McCormick Farmall 140 WF Tractor

JD 4230 WF Diesel Tractor w/4-Post Roll Gard

International 1486 WF Red Power Tractor

AC K Diesel Crawler w/Blade

Case Model VA

MF Spirit of America 1155 Tractor

IH Farmall 400 Diesel WF Tractor

IH Farmall 806 WF Tractor

McCormick Farmall Cub WF Tractor

Massey Harris 22 Tractor

IH Farmall 504 Tractor

Froelich Gasoline Tractor

McCormick-Deering Farmall A

MH Challenger

Ford 641 Workmaster

Cockshutt 1855 NF Tractor

IH 340 Gas Tractor

Sheppard Diesel SD-3 WF Tractor

Case Agri King 1175

Case IH Farmall 460 Red Power

McCormick Farmall Cub Tractor

International Cub Tractor

International 4166 Tractor

The McCormick Flare Box Wagon

International Cub Tractor

AC 7080 WF Tractor

McCormick Farmall Cub Tractor

International 1206 WF Tractor

McCormick Farmall Cub Tractor

AC 1948 "G" Tractor

Oliver XO-121 WF Tractor

JD Waterloo Boy 2 hp engine

Case VAC by Pete Freheit

MF 1150 WF Tractor

Case IH Farmall 806 WF w/ROPS

JD 720 NF Tractor

White Super MTA Demonstrator WF Gas Tractor

Allis-Chalmers Model "B" WF Tractor

JD #72 Forage Harvester

JD 1935 Model "BR" Tractor

IH 766 WF Tractor

Deutz Diesel  11 hp Farmers Tractor

Fox 3000 Forage Harvester w/Corn & Hay Head

International Cub Tractor

1916 Studebaker Pickup Lockable Coin Bank

Case IH 1931 Hawkeye Truck

International 784 WF Tractor

Foxfire Farm JD Model "B" Tractor & Wagon

MF 1150 Diesel NF Tractor

Oliver OC-12 Diesel Crawler

MF 1130 Diesel NF Tractor

AC D-14 LP Gas NF Tractor w/No. 254 NI Mower

IH Farmall 450 NF Tractor w/Electrall

Case IH International 460 Tractor

MF 1130 WF Tractor

Precision McCormick-Deering 200-H Spreader

Oliver 770 WF Tractor w/New Idea 504 Loader

Case 800 Tractor & Wagon w/Driver & Corn Load

IH Farmall 400 Gas NF Tractor

Case IH 1066 WF Tractor

IH Farmall 340 Gas NF Tractor

IH 966 Hydro WF Tractor

Case IH 966 WF Tractor

IH Farmall 504 Gas WF Tractor w/468 Cultivator

Farmall 806 NF Tractor

1951 J.I. Case "DC" Tractor w/Case Grain Drill

NH Super 66 Baler

IH McCormick Farmall 450 NF w/Electrall Tractor

Farmall 450 WF Tractor - 2006 Special Edition

Case IH 1086  WF Tractor - Prestige Collection

McCormick Farmall International Metro Van

Collectible Bear w/Cub Tractor - Cub on a Cub #B2

The New Case Spirit of '76 1570

International 84 Hydro WF Tractor

Case IH 1953 International Panel Van

402 Tru-Scale Wagon Grain Box

Tru-Scale Trailer No. 302

Tru-Scale 419 Side Delivery Rake

Tru-Scale 409 Grain Drill-Planter

Tru-Scale Tilt Trailer No. T-303

Tru-Scale 408 Hay Baler

Tru-Scale Tilt Trailer

Tru-Scale Auger Elevator

Tru-Scale Model Combine

Tru-Scale 418 4-bottom Plow

Tru-Scale C-406 Model Combine

Case 400 Super Diesel Black

NH Super 66 Baler

IH Farmall 706 WF Tractor

MH 555 WF Tractor

IH Farmall 1206 WF Turbo

Allis-Chalmers D-14 Hi-Crop WF Tractor

International Farmall NF Tractor

MH Pony 812 WF Tractor

Farmall "M" Best of Show Tractor Bank

Ferguson 30 Tractor

Claire Scheibe Memorial Farmall 400

MF Pacemaker

MF 1150

International 756 Diesel WF Tractor

Allis-Chalmers D15 Series II WF

The Co-op No. 3 WF Tractor w/Belt Buckle

The Co-op No. 3 WF Tractor  w/Belt Buckle

Co-op E4 NF Tractor

1952 Ford 8N WF Tractor

Case IH Farmall 656 hydrostatic WF Tractor

MH 44 Tractor w/Collectible Figurine

IH Farmall Cub Tractor

Farmall Super MD-TA NF Tractor

International 766

Cockshutt 70 NF Tractor

David Brown 990 Implematic (1961) WF Tractor

Yoder's Super MTA w/Duals

Case IH 460 International Tractor w/No. 50 Loader

MH MH50 (1956) WF Tractor

McCormick International 47 Twin Baler

MM 1936 "IT" Experimental Tractor NF

Massey Harris 55 1955 Pickup Truck Bank

Manitou Mack R-Model Mixer

MF 1150 Collector Edition

JD #18 One Row Corn Picker

McCormick International 47 Demonstrator Baler

MH Roadmaster Wagon - Just Like Dad's

White 2255 WF Tractor w/ROPS

JD Mower

JD #490 Four Row Planter

Carter Tru-Scale 405 Adjustable Tandem Disk Harrow

Case Model DCS High Crop Tractor

Carter Tru-Scale Model Tractor Spreader

MH Tractor Loader - Just Like Dad's

1976 IH 1066 WF Tractor

Farmall Super M Tractor w/Mounted 2MD Corn Picker

MH Tractor Disc Harrow - Just Like Dad's

1951 Montgomery Ward NF Tractor

MH Tractor Plow - Just Like Dad's

Cockshutt 1555

MM "U" Gas Tractor w/M-M 3 Bottom Plow

Barge Box Toy Wagon

1957 International R-200 Tow Truck

Case 930 Comfort King - Just Like Dad's

Farmall Super A Demonstrator Tractor

JD 730 Diesel WF

1953 Kenworth "Bull-Nose" Coe Tractor w/35' Trailer

AC WC Tractor NF

International 1466 WF Tractor

International 1456 Golden Demonstrator WF Tractor

Cockshutt 1755 NF Tractor

Freheit McCormick Farmall 300 NF Tractor

1957 Dodge Sweptside D100

MH MF 150th Anniversary Official Show Tractor

The Oliver Super 99

Disc Harrow Agricultural Implement

Case IH Farmall 826 Golden Demonstrator WF Tractor

Farmall 826 Tractor w/Figurine

Farmall 856 Collector Edition

Oliver Super 99 Diesel Tractor w/Cab

Case IH International 4366 Turbo

McCormick-Deering No. 8 Little Genius 2-bottom Plow

1916 Mack AC Bulldog Truck

International 1066 Turbo WF Tractor

International 766 NF Tractor

Yoder's Super MTA WF Gas Tractor

McCormick Farmall H Pocket Watch & Case

McCormick-Deering Franklin Mint Collector Knife & Case

IH Farmall Franklin Mint Collector Knife & Case

McCormick-Deering Franklin Mint Collector Knife & Case

JD Pacesetter Vodka Decanter

JD 3020 Tractor w/Four Bottom Plow

The Model 9750 STS Combine

JD 430 Crawler

JD Model "G" Tractor

JD WF Tractor w/Cab

JD Model H Tractor

JD Grinder/Mixer

JD Lunchbox

JD Toolbox

JD 1930's Wayne Gravity Gas Pump Replica

JD Semi

JD Lamp

JD Cushion

 JD License Plate

JD Magnetic Dry Erase Board

JD Picture Frame

TERMS: All sales are final. All items are sold “As is, Where Is” without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Property is open to thorough public inspection. Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, and all major Credit Cards are accepted forms of payment. 13.5% buyer's premium on all items with a 3.5% discount if paying by cash or check.

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