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Rockwell Grocery Store Equipment Liquidation Auction
Grocery store and hardware equipment
Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 7:00 PM
202 N 4th St, Rockwell, IA

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Rockwell Grocery Store and Hardware Equipment Liquidation Auction

Store Location: 202 N 4th St Rockwell, IA 50469

Preview and Pick Up at above location.


Cedar Valley Iowa Realty and Auction Company Office:

1206 Gilbert Street, Charles City, Iowa 50616


ONLINE AUCTION ONLY to begin Wednesday January 20th and end Tuesday February 2nd at 7:00pm with a SOFT CLOSE.

Preview of items is available at auction location during the following hours: Feb. 1-2: 10am-4pm

Items MUST be picked up by Friday February 5th, 2021 or payment will automatically be charged to the card on file. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY.

Hours available for pick up are: Feb. 3-5: 10am-4pm


This is just a HIGHLIGHT listing of the items we have so please go to or to view the entire catalog.

Store Fixtures and Furnishings: 

1-unit 11-door walk-in cooler 34ftx12ft; 10-door freezer units; 15-door refrigerator unit; Realson cash registers and counters; several shelving units (100s of shelving pieces); Marlboro cigarette rack; desks; tables; grocery carts; storage totes; 5 section partial scaffolding; security monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower; Eagle gum ball and prize dispensers; produce bag holder/dispenser; 70qt Igloo cooler; Adfinity 20ST floor buffer; Stella Rose wine rack; McQuay Division Unit Cooler 375N; wire shelving; pegboard; advertising signage, banners, and displays;


Frost cutlery and knife display; plastic food containers; cookbooks; kitchen measuring utensils; ice packs; Brita filters; stove polish; plastic storage bins; curtain rods; shower rings; shower heads; toilet seats; faucet pieces; plungers; bath/hand towel holder bars; paper towels; smoke alarms; greeting cards; high chairs; pacifiers; shoe shine and shoe strings; office supplies; store stickers; sticker price guns; bar stools; vacuum cleaner bags; wall fixtures; wall lanterns; trash cans and bags; indoor extension cords; outlet adapters; gloves; stocking hats; crock pots, Pyrex measuring cups; box and oscillating fans; stove fryer hood and fire extinguisher system; pots and pans; bowls; cups; First Aid kits; tape dispensers, clipboards, and clocks; Proctor Silex broaster; To-Go shells-styrofoam and plastic; mops; mop buckets; whiteboards; staplers; storage and serving trays; Christmas tree;


Various watt size light bulbs (LED, halogen, etc.); GE heat lamps; flashlights; plastic drop cloth; plastic sheeting; steel wool; sandpaper; primer; acrylic enamel; skunk odor remover; SEVERAL cans of paint (stain, sealer, interior, exterior, white, black, satin, flat, etc.); wax wood finish penetrating stain; batteries; paint thinner; acetone; polycrylic; polyurethane; all-purpose cleaners; xylol; brush cleaner; muriatic acid; paint stripping gels; door handles; doorknobs; deadbolts; key chains; Silver Kwik Set lock sets; key cutting display with keys; Signal electronic cable; window squeegees; scrubbers and sponges; 2-wheel dolly cart; Spray & Forget roof cleaner; moss/mold/mildew stain removers; anchor cement; Blackjack roof and foundation coating; various size furnace filters; 25ft flex drains; floor register; various sizes copper coil; pre-slit pipe insulation; water line distributors; master mechanic 12v drill; drain cleaner & septic treatment; hooks, screws, bolts, brackets, handles, corner braces, hinges, and several other misc. hardware; light switch covers; door weather seals; castors; DeWalt, Milwaukee, Master Mechanic signage; Arnold parts for Briggs & Stratton; plastic wheels; radiator stop leak; spark plugs; hitch; four-cycle fuel; motor oil; garden edging; garden supplies; poultry netting; cage wire; grill accessories; Char-Broil gas grill; Kingsford portable charcoal grill; hose nozzles, adapters, and sprinklers; clay pots; bird feed; squirrel baffles; MiracleGro plant food; Jobes fertilizer; bird feeders; Roundup precision gel; weed and grass killer; Raid insect/pest killers; insect sprays and foggers; bird begone bird spikers; liquid fence deer and rabbit repellant; mole traps; mice traps; small animal live traps; large animal cage traps; Critter Ridder; rain gauge; wireless color temperature station; yardsticks; shrub rakes; adjustable storage system; rakes and shovels; shrink wrap; wheelbarrow; soldering gun; fluorescent light dust covers; boxes of matches; putty knives; hammers; crowbar; tomato cages;

Terms & Conditions:  All items sold “AS IS”. Items are to be picked up by Friday February 5th. Items not picked up by this date will be automatically charged to the card on file.

Hours available for pick up are:

Feb. 3-5: 10am-4pm

Cedar Valley Iowa Realty and Auction office hours are Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

ONLY Credit/Debit Cards accepted for this auction without prior approval!!

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(2) NCR Realson checkout counter, cash register, scale, conveyor belt
1-unit 11-door 3-room walk-in cooler
2-wheel dolly cart
10-door freezer unit
15-door refrigerator unit
71 cans of GPM
Adfinity 20ST floor buffer
Animal traps
Bar stools
Bird feed and feeders
Bud Light & Pepsi crates
Castors, furniture tips, etc.
Char-Broil gas grill
Check out counter
Chest pizza freezer
Display unit
Fire extinguisher
GE halogen indoor spotlights
GE LED variety size light bulbs
Gum & prize dispensers
Marlboro cigarette rack
McQuay Division Unit Cooler 375N
Metal carts
Misc. pots and pans
Security monitor, keyboard, tower, mouse
Several cans of paint
Several cans of paint
Shelving Display
Shelving Display
Shelving Display
Shelving, hooks, and hardware
Soldering gun
Truck accessories
Variety of hardware
Various sizes copper coil
Wood finish penetrating stain

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